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O sobie

Konrad Słowik was born on the 19th of November 1982 in Tarnów. His adventure in photography...


woj. Małopolskie, Tarnów
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[2008-07-23 14:08:42]

nie mam tylko czterech prac ----->>> rozwiń galerie klimaty

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O mnie

Konrad Słowik was born on the 19th of November 1982 in Tarnów. His adventure in photography started at the end of 2004 when he got his first digital camera. The Passion he discovered in himself at the time has been shaped and developed ever since. As a result he displays his work on both domestic and international photographic exhibitions. The scenes he would depict in his shots find their way towards a sensitive receiver, regardless of their origin. Konrad's photos are full of significant emotional charges and great universal meanings. The object of his works is real people of all walks without masks, the people with genuine feelings and qualities among the world they are in. The arts and climate of his pictures often encourage viewers to begin thinking. Konrad's photos are classed as portraits, street happenings and abstract visions. Konrad is supporter of both digital and traditional photography. He is always on the track of a hard challenging job and takes up performing difficult and extreme attempts revealing another shot that makes everybody think. Behind it there is a great richness of means to be used. The Author while wading throw the meadows of photography has been awarded on a few occasions and he has achieved a success. He takes up a lot of challenges with an objective of spread in independent art among the young. He Perceives The World In His Own Way... hehheheheheheheehe
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